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Capturing Your Silly Side!

Terms and Conditions

Everyone hates the small print but sadly it’s necessary, so please read our terms and conditions thoroughly. If you do have questions before booking us for your wedding or event please email us at or phone on

07809 907675, we are always happy to help.

The Provider: The Two Bonnys

The Client: The person or company booking The Two Bonnys for their event

The following terms and conditions and any communications between the provider and the client for the hire of The Two Bonnys Photo Booth are binding between the two parties.

The client agrees to
, and understands the following:


  • A non-refundable booking fee of £100 is required to secure a reservation for the hire of The Two Bonnys photo booth.  This payment must be paid within 14 days of initial booking by BACS (bank transfer).  A booking is only confirmed once this payment has been made.

  • The £100 booking fee will be deducted from the client’s final balance. The provider must receive the remaining balance for the agreed rental charge at least 21 days prior to the client’s event. The provider will treat non-payment as a cancellation and no refund will be given.

  • If payment is made in full,  £100 of this is used as the non-refundable booking fee.

  • If the client would like to extend the usage of the photo booth on the day of their event any extra payment must be made in cash before additional operational or idle hours are provided, subject to availability. Operational hours are charged from £75 per hour and idle hours at £30 per hour.


  • The £100 booking fee is only refundable within a 14-day cooling-off period (from the date you made the payment) providing the date of your event does not fall within this 14-day period.

  • Any request for a change to the client’s event date or to cancel the booking must be made in writing. The provider will confirm any change in booking details in writing.

  • Bookings can be amended subject to the providers being available on the new date.

  • If the client cancels 21 days or more prior to their event, the full balance they have paid will be refunded, minus their £100 booking fee.

  • If the client cancels within 21 days of their event, 20% of the balance they have paid will be refunded, minus their £100 booking fee.



  • The client must ensure that permission has been obtained from their venue for a photo booth to be erected and operated on their property and that the provider is given the correct venue address, including postcode and contact details. 

  • There must be a suitable solid, flat, empty, clean, safe and dry space of 3m x 3m available with enough room for the provider to work freely and safely around the booth and for guests to queue, plus space for props and a guest book. The booth is 2.10m in height so we also need sufficient head room to put the booth up.  (Once the photo booth has been erected it cannot be moved)

  • Suitable and free parking must be provided for the duration of the time that the provider is at the event.

  • There is access to a 240v mains socket within 6ft of the photo booth. If the photo booth is to be located further than 6ft from a power supply, extension leads may be required and have to be taped to the floor. The provider accepts no responsibility for accidents incurred in this instance.

  • There is clear access to load and unload at the venue.

  • The provider must be given any information in advance of any circumstances that would make the setting up process longer or demanding, such as going upstairs or long distances between the unloading area to the final destination of the photo booth.

  • The provider must have access to the venue at least 90 minutes before the photo booth hire start time. 


  • The equipment supplied for the clients use remains the property of the provider at all times.

  • Food and drink will not be allowed in the photo booth.

  • All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when using the photo booth.

  • The provider will not tolerate any rudeness, violent or threatening behaviour towards themselves under any circumstances.

  • If the provider feels that their personal safety is at risk or any equipment or property owned by the provider is in danger of getting damaged or has been damaged, they reserve the right to terminate the hire.

  • If the provider does think that terminating the hire would be the best course of action they will always speak to the client first to try and resolve the matter before cutting short the hire time.

  • The provider reserves the right to refuse admission into the photo booth or use of any of their property if they feel that the client, their employees or their guests are too unruly.

  • The client assumes complete responsibility and expenses for any loss or damage by themselves, their employees or their guests to the photo booth, props or other equipment supplied by the provider.

  • If the provider has to terminate the hire for any of the reasons stated in this section above, there will be no refunds given.


  • The client agrees to have the photo booth operational for 85% of their hired time, as servicing and maintenance, such as changing the paper in the printer, may be necessary.

  • The provider cannot be held responsible for circumstances outside their reasonable control that may cause them from being delayed or prevent them attending the client’s event. These may include, but are not limited to acts of God, strikes, war, fire, severe weather conditions, major traffic delays, break down of company vehicle, sickness or equipment failure. If this occurs the provider will be liable for refunding all of the monies paid to them. Subsequent claims for incidental damages will not be accepted.



  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing the client grants the provider full rights and permission to use any images of themselves or their guests taken in the photo booth or by the provider at the client’s event.  These images can then be used on the provider’s website, in social media or other marketing material without limitation.

  • All digital images remain the property of the provider at all times.



  • The client acknowledges and agrees that we may process their personal data in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy which is subject to change from time to time.


  • The provider will accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to property owned by those using the photo booth, or personal injury or death of any participants however caused, unless the provider is proved negligent.

  • The provider is covered by Public Liability Insurance and has relevant safety documents for all electrical equipment used. The provider is not responsible if the venue refuses to allow them to operate for whatever reason.


  • In the event that the photo booth is not available to use at the agreed time due to a fault of the provider, then they will still give you the agreed hire period by extending the finishing time of the hire.

  • In the event that the hire does not start at the agreed time due to any unforeseen circumstances that are no fault of the provider, then the hire will still end as per the agreed time on the booking form.

  • In the event that the provider has set up on time but the hire does not start at the agreed time due to over running of previous activities by you or venue, the hire will still end as per the agreed time on the booking form.

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