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Capturing Your Silly Side!

Guest Book

Get your family and friends involved in creating a unique and fun memento for you to take home at the end of your wedding day or celebration.

We set up the photo booth to print 2 copies of each print, one for your guests to keep and the other to put in the guest book. We'll also ask them to write a little something in the guest book next to their fun booth photo.


We’ll supply the book, pens and glue, plus we’ll be there to help your guests stick the images into the book next to their lovely comments.


The level of seriousness in the comments will probably vary depending on how many G&T's they have consumed!

photo booth wedding guest book

The Benefits Of Our Guest Book

We have found on so many occasions that a couple will have a separate guest book at their wedding that barely gets written in.  However, with our book everyone that visits the booth is asked to write in it next to their photo.

Our guest book comes with wooden covers, metal rings and kraft brown pages and we have this style of book especially made for us as it comes with these great benefits:


• The pages can easily be taken in and out so that we can have more than one guest sign the book at the same time.


• The black or white background on the photos really stands out on the brown pages


• Using the metal ring fastenings means that the book can lay flat when open but also close comfortably when it is full of photographs and not become out of shape.


• If someone makes a mistake, which does happen sometimes, we can just supply them with a fresh new page rather than ruin the look of the book.

"Going through the photo guest book has been such great fun and the smiles show just how great a time everyone was having"
Mr & Mrs Henry

You can book our photo booth for any day or evening of the week,

but our office hours are:

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm Friday & Saturday: 11am - 2pm     Sunday: Closed

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