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Making it Personal

About Us

We love remembering things that have happened in our daily lives, the adventures we have been on and the time spent with our loved ones. We have lots of photos to help us remember these times but sadly like everyone else they just seem to get stored on our phones or computer. 


We decided to create photo strips and magnets so that we could display our memories in a fun way rather than have them hidden away.


They now adorn many places such as our fridge, mantelpiece and workspace. They bring smiles to our faces on a regular basis and so we wanted to make that fun stroll down memory lane available for everyone with our range of photo gifts.

Faye & Jon Bonny

Hi, thanks for popping by.


We are The Two Bonnys, a husband and wife team, and we are all about creating happy memories and having a fun memento to remember it by.

Wedding photo magnet
Holiday photo strip prints
Travel photo strip prints
Personalised name wedding favour
Personalised wedding place name
Family photo magnet

It’s also not easy finding products with the correct spelling of our names on and we know that other people feel the same way.   This is why we created our range of personalised wedding products that can complement your wedding style or colour palette. 


By personalising our magnets, badges, bottle openers or pocket mirrors with names of your family and friends it adds that personal touch to your celebration and are a great keepsake for your guests to remember your special day.


We love incorporating our personal passion for photos, memories and personalisation into all aspects of our business and the lives of our customers.

Our office & production hours are:

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm Friday: 11am - 2pm    

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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