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Hannah Culley's Cakes


Hannah Culley's Cakes

Hannah creates beautiful bespoke creations for your special occasion such as your Wedding day or a loved one’s Birthday. They not only please the eye, but the taste buds too!

We have had the pleasure of working with Hannah and sampled her cakes on many occasions and so we wanted to share a little bit about herself and her scrummy cakes.

When did you start Hannah Culley’s Cakes? I started my cake business 4 years ago but I've been making wedding cakes for about 6 years, when a few friends I knew wanted me to create their wedding cakes.

Hannah Culley's Cakes

How did you get into working in the wedding industry? By starting off doing friends wedding cakes and then friends of friends who put their trust in me. I got to know a few venues and then built rapport with them and so gradually built up recommendations through them. So I suppose I just tried to get myself out there as much as I could and was so lucky that people took the chance on me in the early stages of my business to create their wedding cake. It was a great way to start and I look back at them now and think wow because you can definitely tell they are beginner cakes! See one of them below... makes me laugh! (Right cake below)

What is the most extravagant cake you have ever made? A Steampunk cake in 2017 - It was four tiers with loads of details to match the bride and groom's outfits and I must say it was amazing, so different and I'm still good friends with the couple now having made their new born daughter's Christening and First Birthday cakes! (Middle cake below)

What type of cake would you say is your speciality? The cake below on the left was the turning point in wedding cakes for me, I didn't charge much at all but it opened me up to a style of cake that is now my speciality. The semi-naked buttercream wedding cake and this wedding was in 2017. I'm still so thankful to the couple who believed in me as before this all I had done was novelty and fondant icing wedding cakes.

Hannah Culley's Cakes

What are you proud of in your business? I started my business at the age of 19 so going into the wedding industry was huge for me. Being surrounded by so many experienced people was very daunting but I learnt to be really proud of the fact I'd started a business at such a young age. I then continued my business at University whilst getting my Consumer Behaviour & Marketing degree and I've never had any professional training, I am a completely self taught baker!

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt with your baking? I was on my way to deliver a wedding cake (this was in the very early days) and about 10 minutes from the venue, when I wasn't used to delivering cakes, the cake collapsed in the box!! I just heard this almighty swoosh noise and I opened the lid and the bottom tier had given way. Luckily I had a spare sponge baked and just had to race home, re-ice it and get back to the venue!! This was in my very early days so I had no real experience, this cake was for a family friend so they didn't mind at all and I've never ever transported a cake stacked since!

Hannah Culley's Cakes

What do you love the most about your job? I love getting to know my couples and some of them are friends now! It's so lovely to follow their 'journey' and help them with their big day as you sometimes plan with them over such a long time. It's the best feeling to finally see their plans come to life on the big day. I also love seeing how the couples have styled their day with all the personalised bits, seeing their colour scheme and of course seeing the bride in her beautiful dress.

How do you like to relax and unwind after a busy day of baking ?

My ideal treat after a busy baking day is a whole pizza to myself, a bottle of Fanta fruit twist and watching Netflix! Really boring but something so simple about that combo that just relaxes me... I completely zone out and it's so good to put my feet up as standing on them all day is tiring. If it's after a wedding set-up then I love to scroll through all the 100s of photos I seem to take of the cake too.

Click the logo to go through to Hannah Culley's Cakes website and take a look at the beautiful cakes that Hannah creates as well as enquire about booking her

for your wedding!

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Photo credits: Siobhan Beales Photography and Sophie Collins Photography