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Z is for ... Zany


The Two Bonnys Photo Booth

The definition of zany is a comically wild, eccentric or silly person.

Words such as kooky and wacky are also used to describe these zany people.

I think it’s true to say that we have had our fair share of all of these in our photo booth over the years and we’ve loved seeing the photos that they have all produced. The wackier the better in our opinion!

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth Fun

As no–one can see them behind the closed photo booth curtain, some guests really decide to go for it with our props, poses and facial expressions.

You generally expect a group of guys or girls to be loud, funny and create fun images but it’s actually sometimes the quieter couples or families that go in and produce the best pictures.

We always enjoy seeing people’s reactions when they see themselves in their printed photos. More often than not they love them so much that they have new ideas for more photos and so want to go in again!

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth Fun

Below are just some of the things that our happy clients have said about us and our photo booth. Click here to see more reviews on our booth website.

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth Reviews


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