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The Two Bonnys Photo Booth

It sounds really cheesy, but it’s true! Everything we do, is done with you and your guests in mind and making sure that your celebration or event is the best it can be.

You are at the forefront of our business and as you put your faith in us for your special day, we strive to give you the best experience possible, because quite frankly, without you we don’t have a business!

We always take pride in what we do and below are ways in which we feel that we have made our clients lives a little easier and stress free:


We designed and created the website ourselves and wanted to make it as user friendly as possible. We’ve tried to make it easy to navigate and all the information you need is accessible and straightforward to understand.


Planning any celebration, especially a wedding, can be stressful and so we aim to reply to any emails and enquiries promptly and normally within one working day.

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth


We know that weddings and events aren’t the cheapest things to plan and pay for and so we have priced our services as competitively as possible whilst still offering a great service.


To make your personalisation decisions easier we have a prints page on the website to choose your print styles and font. We’ll mock up what your print outs will look like and send them to you via a personalised link to our website, along with customised backdrops for you to choose from.

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth


We have an easy to use interactive touch screen inside the booth to choose backgrounds and take photos, so even the less tech savvy guests can operate it.

We also both attend each event and are on hand if anyone needs assistance with anything, such as using the touch screen, handing them props or holding their coat for them!


We will personally stick each photo into the guest book as we have found that it’s easier this way and most people would rather let us do it, especially after they have had a drink or two! It also means that we can keep an eye on the book and make sure there aren’t any drinks spilt on it.


We wouldn’t be able to take our photo booth to all of the weddings and parties that we do if it wasn’t for the amazing reviews that we receive and the recommendations that we get from you. So we’d like to say a massive thank you to all of our past clients!

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth

Below are just some of the things that our happy clients have said about us and our photo booth. Click here to see more reviews on our booth website.

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth Reviews


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Memories & Mementos

We are all about creating happy memories with our photo booth and giving guests a fun memento to keep.


On our blog you'll find out about us, our photo booth and the personalised gifts we make for celebrations & events.

The Two Bonnys

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