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Themed photo booth

Everyone loves a themed event and we are no exception. As we have green screen technology inside our photo booth we are able to tailor your backdrops to complement your themed celebration or event.

We have had the pleasure of attending many themed events and have supplied backdrops to match specific party themes, such as military, festival, casino, Bollywood, swimming, 1940’s and the 1980’s to name but a few.

We had a couple that got married who were English and Australian and so we not only provided the two different flags but also an image of the Australian outback as backdrops. We also supplied props such as a corked hat, boomerang and kangaroo.

Themed photo booth

We have found that a rustic theme is the most popular for weddings. They are normally held in barns and we can provide various backdrops to complement the wedding and surroundings. This includes assorted wooden and greenery styled backdrops as well as hay bales and logs.

Our most unusual request was for Halloween themed backdrops and props for a wedding, which was actually held in April! We provided a number of suitable backdrops and props and also decorated inside our photo booth with dripping fake blood.

Themed photo booth

Some weddings don’t have a theme but do have a specific colour scheme and so we can colour some of our backdrops, especially the heart ones, to match their wedding colours.

We are always open to ideas and will do our best to bring them to life!

Below are just some of the things that our happy clients have said about us and our photo booth. Click here to see more reviews on our booth website.


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