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The Two Bonnys Photo Booth

We’ve been taking our photo booth to weddings and events since 2017 and we have developed a routine where we are like a well-oiled machine when setting up and packing away.

This is what a typical event day looks like for us:

• We load the van and always make sure we double-check we have everything we need.

• We arrive at the venue in plenty of time and make ourselves known to the person in charge so that they know that we are there and ready to start bringing our kit in.

• Once we have bought everything in from the van we can then get on with assembling the booth. It is all flat packed so that we can transport it easily and so we have to build it from scratch each time. This takes roughly 90 minutes to do.

• We sometimes have to start setting up the booth at a wedding whilst they are doing the speeches and so we are mindful to be as quiet as possible. We would hate for anything to distract the guests so if we do have to make a slight noise, such as undoing the velcro on our bags, we will wait for everyone to laugh or there is a round of applause so that we can’t be heard.

• Jon does all the tech stuff so makes sure the touch screen, camera and printer all work correctly.

• Faye assembles the grid walls for the props and then sets up the guest book table with the book, signage, glue and pens. All props would have been cleaned and sanitised after each event.

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth

• We test the booth to make sure everything is working properly and we have an ever growing collection of test prints from all of our events.

• Once everything is all set up, we put any empyty bags and boxes back into the van and move it further away from any doors we have been using.

• We arrive in our branded t-shirts and so once we’ve finished setting everything up we change into more formal clothes, such as a suit and dress. We also wear name badges so that people know who we are, but even wearing them people sometimes think we are guests waiting to use the booth.

• The curtain is opened and it’s show time!

• Throughout the 2 or 3 hours hire time we will help guests with props and show them how to use the booth for the first time.

Two prints will come out of the printer after each use of the booth, and so one of us will stick one of the prints into the guest book and ask the guests to write a message next to their photo. The guetsts will then take the other print home with them.

• We will give the newlyweds, event organiser or DJ a warning when there is only 30 minutes left before their hire time comes to an end. This way people will get that last chance to have their pictures taken in the booth.

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth

• Once the hire time has ended Jon will transfer all of the images taken in the booth onto a USB stick.

• Faye will put together the guest book and package it up with the USB stick.

• We will change back into our t-shirts to pack everything away. It’s not easy having to straddle a grid wall in a dress to take it apart and a pair of tights seems to attract Velcro too much!

• The booth gets dismantled, props packed away and are all put back into the van, this normally takes around an hour.

• We will do a quick sweep of the area to make sure that we haven’t missed anything and then locate the newlyweds or event organiser so that we can give them their guest book. We like to hand it to them personally so that we know they have received it ok. It also gives us a chance to say a proper goodbye.

• It’s then in the van and homebound. Once home and so that we can wind down and relax before bed Jon generally has crisps and a beer and Faye will have chocolate and a Baileys.

Below are just some of the things that our happy clients have said about us and our photo booth. Click here to see more reviews on our booth website.

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