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The Two Bonnys Photo Booth Memento

Our photo booth makes a great addition to a wedding or event as it is not only entertaining but you and your guests can take home a fun memento.

How often do you go to a party or celebration and end up taking loads of pictures on your phone but then hardly look at them again?

The beauty of our photo booth is that you get to have your photos roughly 20 seconds after your last picture has been taken.

You can then laugh at how great you looked using our props, show them to fellow guests and then put them in your handbag or suit pocket to take home.

Once at home they can then go on your fridge to be seen and laughed at over and over again, not hidden away on your camera roll never to see the light of day or be deleted when your phone memory is full up.

They are also wedding favours that guests will want to keep, as everyone loves pictures of themselves and their family and friends.

The guest book is also a great memento from your special evening as it is full of photos and messages from your loved ones. We also include a USB stick of all the images taken in the booth for you to see. So if Aunt Nelly and Uncle Bob have loved the booth so much and used it lots of times, they will only stick one of their photos in your guest book. All the others will be on the USB stick for you to look at and see what else they got up to.

Below are just some of the things that our happy clients have said about us and our photo booth. Click here to see more reviews on our booth website.

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth Reviews


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Memories & Mementos

We are all about creating happy memories with our photo booth and giving guests a fun memento to keep.


On our blog you'll find out about us, our photo booth and the personalised gifts we make for celebrations & events.

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