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Photo Booth Guest Book

If you are hosting an event, you can’t be in two places at once, so our guest book option will give you an insight into the fun bits you didn’t get to see.

Your guests will be able to have a laugh inside our photo booth and then write a little something in your guest book next to their photo.

You will get a unique and fun memento to take home at the end of your event that you can then look and laugh at again and again.


• A table will be set up close to our photo booth with the guest book, pens and glue.

• Every time the booth is used 2 identical prints will come out of the printer.

• Your guests will take one of the prints home.

• We will personally stick the other print into your guest book, as it’s surprising how many people can’t use a glue stick properly after a few gin and tonics!

The Two Bonnys Photo Booth Guest Book

• Your guests will be asked to write a message to you next to their print. You’ll find that some people like to write mini heartfelt essays and others will spend ages thinking of something witty to put. They finally realise they are not comic geniuses and so simply just write something along the lines of ‘Congratulations, love Aunty Nelly and Uncle Bob’. Obviously it’s lovely to read whatever message they have written!

• We will package your completed book up at the end of your event and personally hand it to you so that it doesn’t get lost.

• You get to take the book home and see what fun pictures your guests have taken!

Guest books are better suited to weddings, birthdays or anniversaries and you don’t need to worry about providing pens or glue as we bring all of this with us.

Below are just some of the things that our happy clients have said about us and our photo booth. Click here to see more reviews on our booth website.

Photo Booth Guest Book reviews


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Memories & Mementos

We are all about creating happy memories with our photo booth and giving guests a fun memento to keep.


On our blog you'll find out about us, our photo booth and the personalised gifts we make for celebrations & events.

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