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F is for ... Faye


Hi, I’m Faye Bonny and I am one half of the Two Bonnys, the other half is my husband Jon.

I’m in charge of the emails, our diary, post it notes and highlighters. In other words I don’t let Jon near the admin in case he messes with my neatly organised filing system. Because god forbid he should use a pen and not a pencil in the diary, haha!

He deals with all the tech and design stuff though so I’m happy to let him get on with that.

We both love collecting mementos and memorabilia from trips that we have been on as well as things that remind us of our childhood and past. They always provide happy memories and there is a story behind each item.

Here are just some of the things that I like and collect:

1 • I love Freddie Mercury. He was so extravagant and mesmerising and this is just one of the two Freddie figures I have.

2 • I have always loved taking photographs, especially of family, our holidays and the nature I see around us.

3 • I like the red, white and blue design of the iconic Union Jack and it’s present in a lot of places in our home, car and photo booth.

4 • I’m a lover not a hater of Marmite. I even got a personalised jar for my Birthday.

5 • I listen to 80’s music a lot. I find it amusing that I can remember most of the words to songs from the 80’s but can forget what I did last week.

6 I think I’m a little obsessed with Wonder Woman. I have so many things with her image on such as my phone case, glasseware, clothing, calendar and keyrings. Even my alarm clock is a huge Lego Wonder Woman figure!

7 • Mr Bump has always been my favourite from the Mr Men characters, probably because I have a habit of bumping into things.

8 • I love flamingos and so not only do I have one at home called Felicity (not a real one) but I also insisted that we have them as props in our photo booth.

9 • We’ve been lucky enough to go to four of the Bubba Gump restaurants around the world. I’ve collected mementos from each one including t-shirts, a baseball cap, magnets and stickers, as I love the fun logo.

10 • Wakka-wakka-wakka. I loved watching The Muppet Show when I was a kid and Fozzie is my favourite character. Jon’s are the old guys up in the balcony, Waldorf and Statler, and we have all three characters on our mantelpiece.

11 • One of my favourite animals is the deer. This guy is 40cm tall and is wearing necklaces that we were given at one of the downtown Las Vegas casinos on our trip there 13 years ago.

12 • Dirty Dancing – I was a girl bought up in the 80’s, need I say more!


1 • I hate fizzy drinks

2 • I have sky dived twice

3 • As well as a car, I have driven a jet ski, quad bike, go kart and boat

4 • I’ve swam with dolphins

5 • I am obsessed with notebooks and stationery

You can read more about us on our other blog posts: About Us and Jon


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